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Dear Loyal followers: Thank you so much for not de-following me after years of inactivity. In case you wondered what hole I disappeared into for the last 3 years, I have written all about it in my new blog: Just in case you are interested in following my inane ramblings once again. Thanks a mucho! You da best! Daituf


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I'm still alive!!!
But I'm on the other side of the world where blogspot is blocked :(
Can only get on once in a while through a proxy server.
gotta figure out how to come here permanently!
How is everyone??? Drop me a note here or there!!! :D

Today someone talked about blogs...

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Then I remembered that I had one...
Then I realized that I missed it...

P.S. add me on facebook so u can send me random msgs about (insert random topic of choice): dan(dot)tao(at)utoronto(dot)ca
Beware of other Dan Tao's that are impostors trying to steal my identity!
Either that or they just have the same name as me...

Currently digging...

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1. The Color Purple.
    Never seen the movie...but sure loves the shade for makeup...
I find purple to be a universally flattering color for all skin tones.
Unless it's too frosty...
In which case you'll look like a whore.
Oh sorry, that sounds degrading...
I meant which case you'll look like an inexpensive prostitute...

So being one that always has go the extreme, I put on: purple eyeshadow, purple lip gloss, and purple shirt to match.
Dang, if only I had some purple blush... :(

2. Velcro Hair Rollers
Look how big my head is!!!! :D
I meant the volume of my hair...
Well, I may have gone a little overboard.
So to avoid too much poof horizontally, but not enough vertically (aka. The Mad Hatter look)...
 ... try lifting your hair up vertically as you wrap it around the roller.
Do this when your hair is semi-dry, then let it air dry while you do your makeup.
Creates the kind of volume similar to that of a salon blow out!

I'm sure no one has made this discovery before me, so...
You're welcome! :)

3. Friends Who Give Me Things

Nono, I'm just kidding... I like all my friends!
Even the ones that don't give me things (Just not as much as the ones that do...).

Right, so some of my friends gave me a gift voucher for a bartending class.
Coz it's one of those: Things-I-always-say-I'm-gonna-do-but-never-really-do...things.

Like "Go on a road trip"
"Learn salsa dancing"
"Read a book"
"Finish reading a book"...etc.

I'm sure you've all got a list of your own.
Well, start crossing off that list!!!
Coz ACTUALLY doing it, is so much better than TALKING about doing it!
Who would've thought...
(Don't get too excited, it's all fake booze we use)

I think I'm gonna take the full bartender course, and hopefully become one too!

But let me just tell ya, bar tending is NOTHING like I thought it would be!
There are so much skills required, it's not even funny! Scary is more like it...

On the final exam, everyone will be judged on speed, accuracy and knowledge... and flare.

The teacher wanted us to learn to pour drinks on our heads...
I just wanted to learn how NOT to knock things down...

But shhhhh, don't tell my future employer that!
I make you free drink! How bout a Sour Apple Martini? :D
Ok ok...That's just water with food coloring... XD

I cutted me hair!!!

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Something I haven't done in more than a year....

Goodbye split ends so bad that it looks like my hair is growing hair...
So long hair so long that it almost covers my a...
Dammit! It looked a LOT better before, when the hairstylist blow dried it :'(

It was so luscious and full of volume that I was a little turned on...yes, by my hair...
Ain't no way in hell I can replicate his methods tho... :S
Ugh... just screams FLAT now -___-

 A watercolour sky recommended Maya Hair Salon in Korean town on her blog. I thought her hair look too effing awesome, so i went there too!
Best $25 hair cut ever. hair cut ever!

I heart other bloggers :)
(ya know, when their recommendations work out well for me :P)

Oh, HEY my dearest cyber gal pals! :D I'm still alive!!!!
I've missed y'all! Oh. So. Much!

Forgive my lack of replies as I've been busy movin' n stuff...
Turns out what bit me (which led to an infection, which then almost led to my ultimate demise!) were bed bugs!!!

Having bed bugs...Possibly the worst f-----g experience ever...

In the words of Rachel:

"It's like there's rock bottom,
then 50 feet of crap,
then me"

Yeah...that about describe the feeling of having bed bugs...

I boiled all my possessions, and now sleeps in a tent... -___-

But check out ma new hair!!! :D

"DO panic" (coz it can save your life)

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As well as Web MDs...
Before I get into the main story, I'd like to say that I'm not an optimistic person.
When shitty things happen, I am 100% incapable of seeing the upside of it...the silver lining... the opening of doors or windows or cupboard draws...blah blah blah.

So the only positive outcome that I can associate with a negative experience, is the ability to educate share my newly gained knowledge in hopes of helping my my fellow man (and woman) to avoid similar experiences.

Excuse the cheesiness.
I promise there won't be anymore... so read on.

A little background story:
In the past month, I was bitten 5 or 6 times by an unknown insect.
Aside from the fire burning itchiness, I developed cellulitis from the latest bite.

Cellulitis is a skin infection...and to echo Wikipedia: No, it is unrelated to what's on a celebrity's butt in the tabloids)
It's possible that my scratching caused bacteria to enter the blood stream, or sometimes repeated exposure to insect bites can cause infection to develop (I read that somewhere).

I didn't recognize the signs of infection, and tried to wait it out (or tough it out like we're so often taught)
Though I shouldn't really blame myself...just hours before landing in the emergency room, I went to see a doctor.
In hindsight I'm surprised he couldn't diagnose the infection because the signs were pretty obvious. Or at least warn me about the possibility and what to watch out for!!!

The main clue that he missed (C'mon! this is like Medical 101) is the RED STREAK.
Now this is where I credit the Internet for educating me and possibly saving my life.

While browsing Yahoo answers for insect bite related posts, I read a line somewhere that said "if a red streak develops, seek medical help ASAP"
That line caught my eye, so the moment I started to notice a slight red streak I went to the above said doctor.
Who despite my pointing out that there might be a red streak developing, passed it off as nothing (tsk tsk tsk).

Some symptoms that I had but didn't recognize as worrisome (but are signs of infection, so take note):

- Rapid increase in size of the swelling (from the bite)
- Numbness of the arm
- Slight feverish
- Weakness
- Barely noticeable red streak extending from bite site
- An overall ill feeling

Still trying to be the child that never cried at needles, I struggled to suppress the increasing panic that I felt and just tried to walk it off.

(All those complements about what a "brave little girl" I was must have gone to my head...)

After a trip to the grocery store and eating some ice cream, I thought I was better because the firery itch (to a point that I desired amputation) was gone...
When I finally took off my jacket, I saw that the bite has doubled in size in the last 1 or 2 hours.

The reason it doesn't itch as much was because my arm was completely numb, and and looked like it was about to give birth...
The previously barely noticeable red streak has grown to be about 6 inches long and 2 inches thick.

Is it finally time to panic?
I think so.

Thanks to a dear friend with a car and an unusually empty Emergency Room, I managed to get medical attention on time.
Because within half an hour spent at the waiting room, the red streak already progressed 3 or 4 inches.

At the time I didn't realize how serious the situation was.
Only after being informed by the doctor and doing more Internet research, did I realize that "red streak" was headed up my arm and straight towards the heart.
I probably would have went to sleep, had I not known to look for a red streak.

Given the state I was in, tired, weak and numb; I very well could have chosen to sleep.
Because I didn't feel any significant discomfort, I wouldn't have know to PANIC had it not been for the passing glance at Yahoo Answers (Thanks to whoever wrote that btw!)

(In medical term the red streaks are called Ascending Lymphangitis. Aka. Blood Poisoning. "Since lymph flows toward the center of the body, the signs of infection progress in the same direction. The obvious danger being the infection heading toward the heart." Quoted from here)

I found out tonight that had I not receive treatment on time, and slept through it instead...
Let's just say...Yikes.

The point I'm trying to make is that a healthy dose of panic is necessary sometimes.
More appropriately, that timely medical treatment is crucial.
But knowing when to panic, so you know when to seek help, may be the most important thing here.
Knowledge is the key, but your internal instinct (the knot in your stomach that says: PANIC!) can be a sign also!

And hey, if you're a really laid back person that lives by the motto "Chill, it aint the end of the world, man." and just doesn't like to panic (aka. you're high)...then pretend.
Putting on a show for the doctor and nurses to see, can make sure you aren't ignored, and people might take you more seriously at the ER.
Because sometimes if you "look" fine, you will get left aside until it's almost too late.
Just trust me on this, I learned this the hard way a couple of years ago.

Putting on a brave face is soooooo 1958...

Anyhoo, I had to get antibiotics through an IV for an 4 days straight (I couldn't shower or bend my elbow :S), and continue to take antibiotic pills orally for 7 more days.
As of 12am today, I'm finally off antibiotics... Yay!

But appearently, once you contract cellulitis, it is more likely you'll get it again.
So if I get bit again, the same thing might happen, but antibiotics might get less effective. (Not sure if it's true, but if so...Crap!)

Except next time, I'm kickin' and screamin' my way to the ER the minute I see anything.

(Just in case, check out some tips on preventing infection from insect bite: here. Coz not showering for 4 days... sucks.)

Revlon, J&J Warehouse Sale

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For those in Toronto, there's a Revlon and Johnson&Johnson Warehouse Sale going on right now.

So go while you still gots the chance fool!!!
And buy somethin' for me too!!! :P

(I found out from another blogger here...thanks yo! ;D)

Please excuse my unexplained hiatus...
Let's just say, that just when I thought the nightmare was over, I ended up in the Emergency Room...
So yeah, I have a good reason to be away -___-

But no worries, I don't got no terminal illness and I'm still alive...
Just frustrated and annoyed.

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